Arena 360 – 360 Degree screen

This is a handheld 360 degree panorama of a 360 degree panorama on a 360 degree screen !!!! Last week we were at Arena 360 event at University of Plymouth which was a week long experimental week organised by ICCI (Innovation for Culture and creative industry).

Arena 360 – Immesive digital arena in England

This excellent 360 degree panorama on show here was shot by Peter Stephens, (

The 360 degree screen is in a dome tent and is a wonderful innovation by Igloo vision, ( a company who specialise in large-scale immersive media environments. They have appeared at Glastonbury and a host of other festivals, events and exhibitions, and are truly pioneering new production techniques for interactive, panoramic films, games and learning environments.

We saw the London aerial tour on this screen, as well as some fantastic 360 degree panoramas from Ian Wood, Aldo Hoeben, Peter Stephens and Jürgen Schrader. There were some amazing 360 degree films by Karol Kwiatek and Milosh Luczynski, and an excellent 360 degree 3D underwater visualisation by Colin Yellowley – from Igloovision.

Igloo vision will be in Brighton in May, Glastonbury in June, and are doing a massive 20m diameter 360 degree film in Plymouth, Sept. They also do 3D rollerdisco 🙂

Here are some Iphone films of some of the highlights.

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