360 Video

360 video is what moving pictures were to the early pioneers of still photography. Breathtakingly realistic experiences to be enjoyed by your clients as if they were actually present at your event.

VR Web Design is a leading company in 360 video having shot our first a decade ago.

Now 360 video is a major innovation taking the internet by storm.

While 360 panoramic photography enables the subject to experience a location as if they’re there. 360 Video will enhance this experience even more. Imagine the feeling of being immersed in a photograph, now you can feel you’re immersed in a film!

Locations shot by 360 video will have an even greater impact and effect. To put it bluntly it’s the difference between still photographs and moving images. Imagine a panorama of your location with people moving around.

Concerts which a fan can experience from their computer observing not just the band but the audience enjoying themselves as if it’s live.

This is just one example. The ways in which 360 video can be used are as exhaustive as your imagination.

There are a number of ways this exciting technology can be used and displayed and you can be assured of the highest possible quality.

This revolutionary technology is now used for a wide variety of applications and solutions. Examples include red carpets, cat walks, royal weddings, international sporting events, music concerts and festivals, luxury cars and houses, museums and art galleries, luxury hotels and building developments, wildlife and coral reefs and can be experienced on computer, smartphone, tablet, VR glasses and immersive full dome projection.

Be one of the first UK companies to have a 360 video virtual tour !