360 Panorama

VR web design uses the best digital SLR Cameras and lenses to produce the highest standard 360 panoramas.

All our images are shot using innovative panoramic heads fixed to a tripod or pole. This allows us to shoot around the nodal point, so the images can be aligned and stitched flawlessly without any parallax errors.

Our 360 Panoramas are often captured using HDR – high dynamic range, meaning we photograph a range of different exposures, as many as is required, so that the true lighting conditions found in everyday scenes can be accurately captured, ranging from direct sunlight to shadows. This leads to a much more realistic looking 360 panorama and experience as the 360 panorama is perfectly exposed throughout the image and allows more details to be seen.

VR Web Design can create elevated panoramas up to 6 metres or aerial panoramas up to 3000 ft. We shoot 360 panoramas out of windows, from helicopters, or underwater to create some of the most exciting panoramic images in the industry.

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