Calamity Jane Performance in 360 Video

We were honored to be asked to help Curve theatre realise a dream of being the first Theatre to put on a full 360 performance of a live show. We had cameras in the audience and onstage in order to gi e numerous vantage points of the action.

Without doubt the longest 360 video we have shot at 2 hours 20 mins, this project bought some unique challenges in production owing to the sheer size of the files involved.

It was released on youtube, for desktop and VR glasses and was available to view for 3 days only (because of rights). It really captured the potential of this medium in theatre allowing users to get closer to the actors than ever before, as well as give a glimpse of what it is like to be onstage.

It had a plethora of online press most notably from the Guardian Newspaper..

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