Picasso Illuminations on The National Gallery

I was passing through Trafalgar Square on Saturday night when I saw what looked like graffiti on the National Gallery. It looked amazing, I did’nt have my camera, but I returned on Monday to the gallery and asked a lady who worked there “what was the graffiti being projected onto the gallery the other night ?”. “Graffitti ?” she looked puzzled  “There has’nt been any graffiti !”, she said. Shocked she had’nt seen it, I quizzed her “are you sure ? It was massive, all over the building, it looked like…. graffiti ?”, “oh !” she said “you mean, PICASSO !”, “its being projected onto the gallery all week as part of the National Gallery’s must-see exhibition ‘Picasso: Challenging the Past’.”  WHOOPS, sorry Pablo ! Anyway here are some of the spectacular projections illuminating The National Gallery this week. You can catch the exhibition, from 25 February – 7 June 2009.

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