Embedding Virtual Tours on Facebook

Virtual tours are more accessible now and can easily be shared and embedded into facebook. So not just will a virtual tour enhance your own website but you can also use to share across a variety of web 2 social networks. This makes a powerful promotion tool, for example when we covered an art exhibition recently, we were instantly able to share the panoramas with their fan group page on facebook. Look at this example of the London aerial tour on my Facebook page.

Tutorials  embed-facebook-1

Virtual tour embedded in facebook

Click here if you would like to try embedding this tour on Facebook.

If you are a developer, the first thing you will need to do is get Facebook to whitelist your website, on approval you will then be able to to use the meta tags to correctly embed your flash content into Facebook.


Image_src – URL to the thumbnail image. Max size is 130×110 pixels. Images will be resized proportionally
Video_src – URL to the embedded video file
Video_height – max height is 280px
Video_width – max width is 420px
Video_type – For Flash content, use “application/x-shockwave-flash”

So here is a working example

Sometimes you might want to show a different tour in Facebook than the one used on your webpage. This is no problem as you can just reference the tour you want Facebook to show.

More info on meta tags and preparing your flash content for Facebook, can be found here.

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