VR Planet – New Website Using Google Earth Web Browser Plug-in

At last the wait is over 🙂 Google have released Google Earth for the web. I quickly got to grips with it using my .kml file from 360 Cities, and using a spare domain I bought with exactly this in mind.

So please check out my newest website, called VR Planet

Simply install the web browser plug-in when prompted and away you go !!!

Here’s some quick screengrabs, enjoy 🙂

News  gearthplugin2

First, install google Earth Plug-in

News  gearthplugin3

Complete with 3D buildings

News  gearthplugin6

Fly into the speres

News  gearthplugin4

Enter the Sphere and use the mouse to move around the panorama

The Google Earth Plug-in currently supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Microsoft Windows Vista, and works on the following web browsers:

* IE 6.0+
* IE 7.0+
* Firefox 3.0x, 2.x or 2.0x
* Netscape 7.1+
* Mozilla 1.4+
* Flock 1.0+

Support for other operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux are being planned for the future.

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