DJ Trax New Music Video Embedded in Panorama

This is an example of embedding a video into a 360 degree panorama or virtual tour. With brilliant music from DJ Trax and great 3D animation from Dean Warner, it gives the appearance of being projected onto the side of a building, in this case at the National Film Theatre. Any video will work and can be distorted and given depth to fit on anything in a 3D space. I will try to show some more examples in coming months ranging from a tv to cinema screen. You can hear the rest of DJ Trax’s new album and watch more videos at Also check out some brilliant 3D visualisations and animated videos and motion graphics from 3D artist Dean Warner at

Click the image underneath, wait a few seconds and then hit the fullscreen button (top right) for the best effect. Enjoy !

News  videoscreen

This is an example of embedding video into a panorama

Music by DJ Trax – taken from the album 1,000 pictures. Hear the album and watch the videos at

Animation video by Dean Warner –

Visit the DJ Trax video channel on vimeo here

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