Gigapixel (1 billion pixels) images offer outstanding resolution and are a major advance in digital imaging. Originally developed by NASA to take high resolution pictures on the moon, the technology has landed and is now at the disposal of our clients. Using a specially made panoramic robot, we are able to take thousands of images, sequentially, to cover any area (panorama), and stitch the resulting images to create large panoramic images which not only can be printed to huge sizes (example 50 metres) but can also be displayed on the internet and viewed within seconds using a special gigapixel viewer. The gigapixel image is cut into thousands of small tiles, that allow intelligent and fast loading. Only tiles where the viewer is looking at are loading, so as the viewer zooms in, new tiles are loaded. This process is exactly the same as Google use for their mapping technology and means instant display. This technology is taking the internet by storm as people are able to explore buildings and vistas like never before. The ability to deep zoom anywhere in the image and not lose resolution has really captured the web savvy public’s imagination and, as such, websites that feature this technology have great appeal and attract more visitors.

Unheilig Concert Gigapixel Panorama

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Tottenham Hotspur Gigapixel Panorama

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Radio 2 Party in the Park Gigapixel

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Metamorphosis: Titian Exhibition Gigapixel

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Olympic Heroes – The Brownlee brothers gigapixel shoot

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