Tuscon 2010 International Panoramic Photography Exhibition

Over the last few days an International Panoramic Photography Conference has been taking place in Tuscon, Arizona, USA, organized by the International Panoramic Photography Association and the International VR Photography Association.

Although disappointed I could not attend, I was delighted to have a panorama selected for the exhibition, and share wall space with some truly great panoramic photographers.

So here it is 🙂 a little planet stereographic aerial view over Trafalgar Square, I like it because it shows many of the capitals major landmarks.

Exhibitions  little-planet-view-of-trafa-300x150

I am grateful for these images from Carlos Chegado of the exhibition, you can see more here

Exhibitions  838856633_9mQJy-X3-768x1024

Exhibitions  838865440_4wt8T-X3-1024x768

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