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    VR Web Design is a company rapidly forging a reputation for the ground breaking and innovative use of virtual photography together with a fast, efficient and competitive delivery of service.

    Founded by Tom Mills in 2008, the company has recently completed a contract by a large multi national oil company to provide virtual tours of its drilling sites in Africa.
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    VR Web Design is committed to the ease of use and accessibility of its tours and has now developed a deserved reputation for fast, friendly service.

    VR Web Design has been developing constantly, both by extending the scope of the services it offers as well as continually improving its range of equipment and expertise. Continuous research and up to date monitoring of new technology means more efficiency resulting in better performance and savings for our clients.
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    The development of its new techniques have been pioneered through exhaustive work on a wide range of projects from interiors in restaurants to shooting from helicopters over oil wells.
    Award Winning 360 degree Panoramic Photography


From the initial approach to virtual tour completion + web hosting, VR Web Design will steer you through the process with expert knowledge and experience.

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The process will start with, where possible, a face to face meeting or live web chat to discuss your requirements and be supplemented by examples and suggestions from the VR Web Design portfolio of unique special effects.

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Shooting will take place at your convenience.

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The images are processed, stitched, and made into panoramas.

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programmed to be delivered as a unique virtual tour of your facility

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Virtual tour delivered to your website, cd-rom, dvd, Iphone/Ipad or kiosk display.

Stunning 16-Bit HDR Printable 360 degree panoramic images for your marketing campaigns.

Optional: Virtual tour on Iphone/Ipad.

Optional: Virtual tour to embed in Facebook.

Optional: Join the worlds largest virtual tour on 360 Cities.

Optional: Virtual tour display on Google Earth.