VR Planet – New Website Using Google Earth Web Browser Plug-in

At last the wait is over 🙂 Google have released Google Earth for the web. I quickly got to grips with it using my .kml file from 360 Cities, and using a spare domain I bought with exactly this in mind.

So please check out my newest website, called VR Planet

Simply install the web browser plug-in when prompted and away you go !!!

Here’s some quick screengrabs, enjoy 🙂

360 Panoramas  gearthplugin2

First, install google Earth Plug-in

360 Panoramas  gearthplugin3

Complete with 3D buildings

360 Panoramas  gearthplugin6

Fly into the speres

360 Panoramas  gearthplugin4

Enter the Sphere and use the mouse to move around the panorama

The Google Earth Plug-in currently supports Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Microsoft Windows Vista, and works on the following web browsers:

* IE 6.0+
* IE 7.0+
* Firefox 3.0x, 2.x or 2.0x
* Netscape 7.1+
* Mozilla 1.4+
* Flock 1.0+

Support for other operating systems such as Mac OS X and Linux are being planned for the future.