The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier

We were very pleased to be asked to provide panoramas and timelapse animations for Ringier’s new Ipad app, called ‘The Collection’. The first edition had a theme of upcoming Royal wedding. We took 360 panoramas of the interior of Prince Williams Sea King  helicopter, of award winning Royal photographer Chris Jackson, and fanatic world record collector of Royal merchandise, Margret Tyler.

It was a great project to work on and we highly reccomend downloading the app.  Screenshots and video below.

Click here to download the App form the Itunes store

 The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier  The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier  The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier  The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier  The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier  The Collection New Ipad App From Ringier
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Webcam Timelapse Tutorial

Thanks to Andy Hudson Smith’s webcam timelapse tutorial at Digital Urban, we were able to make the following timelapse, shot over 36 hours with the Logitech quickcam 9000 which offers a 1600 x 1200 resolution. This is perhaps not the best time to create a timelapse as the weather of late has been a tad grey at best, however we are positive for the rest of the year as the system is setup now, and we do get some good sunsets here, so roll on spring !

get flash player Webcam Timelapse Tutorial

Whats interesting about this timelapse is just how much traffic goes by my window in a day.

In case you have not seen Digital Urbans tutorial, here is a quick description.


Logitech Quickcam 9000
USB extension cable
Laptop + external hardrive


Booru WebCam 2.0 (windows)
Gawker (Mac)
Quicktime Pro


Set up your webcam with your desired timelapse view. Open booru webcam software, right click and select camera options, select the ‘Image and FTP’ tab. Here you can set the capture interval and the images format, PNG is best for a minimum loss of quality. Check ‘enable save image’ box and browse to the folder where you would like to store your images, and choose a filename. All the images will be saved to this folder and will be numbered in order. There are other options to explore like image and text overlay, and a ‘general’ settings tab, that lets you enable a preview window or ghosting, which just seems to ghost the preview screen.

….And thats it, check your images are appearing in your timelapse folder, and leave for as long as you like.

When you are ready to view your timelapse animation, simply open Quicktime Pro, and select ‘Image sequence’, browse to your image folder, then select the first image. Quicktime Pro will now load all the images sequentially and play at whatever frame rate you have selected.

You can now export this out as a .mov .flv or many other movie formats.


To add music to your timelapse movie, select ‘file’, and choose ‘open file’ find a music track and click ‘open’. A Quicktime player will open in a seperate window with your music track, click ‘edit’ and choose ‘select all’ then ‘copy’. Now go to your timelapse movie, go to ‘edit’ and ‘select all’ then click ‘add to selection and scale’. This should overlay your music track over your timelapse, which will play nicely in your exported movie.

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Embed 360 cities panorama on your website or blog

This is great ! Now you can embed any of my 360 Cities virtual tours on your website or blog, for FREE… as long as you are a non-commercial outfit, that is ! I’ve got my eye on you…..! ha !

Anyway just click ‘Embed this’ check the non-commercial box, then copy and paste the code any where you like icon smile Embed 360 cities panorama on your website or blog

Open up fullscreen for more options…

Even better.. not a lot of people know this, but thanks to new KRpano projection plug-in, if you right click, you can select different views ! My favourite is the stereographic projection ‘little planet’… Enjoy !

New Years Eve 2007 in London

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Northern Lights Timelapse Panorama

When I started shooting timelapses a few years ago, the northern lights were one of the first examples I went for because of the seamless looping. It was then my ambition to shoot them in 360 degree panorama format which I am delighted to have now done, enjoy !

Click the large image to see an example of a timelapse panorama using Deval-VR. Click the ‘play’ button at the top left of the screen to start animation.

northern lights timelapse Northern Lights Timelapse Panorama

Northern Lights Captured in Iceland

Or if your viewing on the MAC please click the small image to view this example using Spiv (shockwave)

northernlightscreen Northern Lights Timelapse Panorama

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London New Year 2008 Timelapse Panorama

360 Degree timelapse panorama from the new year fireworks in London.

london new years London New Year 2008 Timelapse Panorama

Experience the New Year in London

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