Street entertainment on the Southbank

There are many street entertainers along this stretch. Meet anyone from Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, a policeman in a tutu, or dance to steel pans, bongo drums, or crystal. The crowd gathered here are watching a breakdancer who is sadly is breaking nothing in the panorama.

Street entertainment South Bank

Street entertainment South Bank in London

This is my son Loki protecting London from Darth Vader.

Street entertainer South Bank

Darth Vader on the South Bank in London

Of the many street performers along this stretch, I tried to take a panorama in front of a policeman wearing a tutu. However whilst I was taking the last shot, I had my back turned and he whacked me on the head, much to the amusement of passers by, and I did not finish the panorama, I was shooting hand held and lost my position. Although maybe I should have put some money in his hat or something to have avoided being hit. I actually half admire him for spending his days hitting random Londoners and tourists over the head, when they have there pictures taken in front of him.

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